Accounts Receivables

Dealing with accounts receivables to maintain cash flow is an important part of managing the small business. Credit can make or break a small business because of the direct and important impact it has on cash flow.

It’s easy to understand the sale process if you pay cash for your goods, like when you are at the supermarket or buying on Amazon for example.  However in business many companies need to offer credit terms to their customers.

Providing sales and services on credit creates a situation for a potential loss if the customer does not pay. Therefore it is really important to stay on top of what monies are owed to you by having someone manage your debtors and chase for payment.  Having a full time employee doing this for you can be costly, and that is where we come in to the rescue!

At Trekim we offer a fair usage fee.  Lets have a chat and establish your needs and volume and agree a price that is comparable.  This way you will always know what the cost is of managing your accounts receivable (debtors) and should see quicker payments coming in as we will be on top of the amounts owing.

Because everything we do is done remotely, you do not have to provide a desk, computer or printer.  There will be no normal salary costs and you can be assured of a discreet professional service.

We highly recommend using Xero to manage your Accounts Receivable and entire accounts system, however, our unique Accounts Receivable process can be done regardless of what financial system you use, provided we can access it remotely.