Understanding the Numbers

Number Clarity is where the magic begins

Sorting out your accounts and using Xero plus the right apps to automate your processes is only the beginning of what we can do for you.

Monthly Number Clarity reports

Our monthly Number Clarity management accounts give you a customised view of your business in a clear, easy to understand report. You’ll see at a glance if you’re making a profit, who owes you money and who you owe money to. With the full picture in front of you, you’ll be confident that the decisions you make are the right ones. You’ll have true clarity in your numbers.

Each month we’ll provide you full management reporting including:

  • Profit for the month with comparisons to previous months
    • You’ll see at a glance if your business is heading in the right direction and if you need to make changes now
  • Detailed, customised breakdown of sales and expenses by month
    • Is a product line making you a profit, or is it losing money?
    • Find out if that new location is a winner or a loser
    • Are your prices high enough to cover all your costs?
    • Are your expenses are too high?
  • Detailed sales ledger report
    • See at a glance who owes you money, and how long the debt has been outstanding.
    • Staying on top of your sales will put more money in your bank account (and we all love that!).
  • Detailed purchase ledger report
    • You’ll always know which bills are coming due and when they’re due
    • Manage your cashflow by paying at the right time
  • Expense monitoring and advice
    • Find ways to save money
    • Make sure you’re making smart investment decisions
  • Monthly estimate of your tax liability
    • No more year end tax bill surprises!
    • You’ll see how much money you need to be saving each month towards your tax bill
  • Budget versus actual analysis
    • Discover if you’re on track or if adjustments need to be made now
    • Are you doing better or worse than you expected?
  • Cashflow management
    • Are there big expenses on the horizon? We’ll help you make a plan to cover them
    • Helps you decide if you can afford that new piece of equipment, and how best to finance it
  • Business performance with key ratios
    • See what areas could spell trouble ahead for you
    • Focus on the areas where improvement makes a big difference
  • Easy to understand dashboards
    • At a glance you can see your profit, see who owes you money and who you owe money to. Watch the video below to learn about Xero’s dashboards.
    • We can also develop custom reporting so you have the numbers you need at your fingertips

Leverage our experience

Accurate information and timely reports are only useful if you know what they mean. We’ll share our insights from decades of experience so you clearly understand what the numbers mean.

  • In-depth discussions so we understand where you want to go and how you want to get there
  • What steps are needed to make your dreams come true
  • Establish the best KPIs for your business so you can track your progress
  • Move your business to the next level and beyond

Contact us today and we’ll guide you to clarity in your numbers!