Why move to the cloud

Until recently, only the biggest companies could afford a fully automated, all-encompassing solution for their accounts. Now with cloud-based platforms like Xero and the many add-ons constantly being developed, everyone can have access to the same timely and useful information that the big companies have had for years.

Cloud-based bookkeeping systems allow for an automated flow of information from the bank to your accounts. These systems grow with your business and are more secure than keeping your accounts on a single computer in your office. That single server is vulnerable to failure, theft, hacking, and natural disasters. In the cloud, you can access your information anytime, anywhere, from any device, all you need is an internet connection.

This automation saves time and effort. No more dropping off a pile of receipts with your bookkeeper and waiting a week or more to get a set of management accounts that tell you where you were last month. Automation gives you real-time data on where your business is now. This helps you make the correct decisions now.

Move your bookkeeping to the cloud and move your business ahead

We’ll move your accounts from a collection of chaotic documents and records to the cloud. You’ll always have real time access to all of your data, no matter where you are. No more worries about software or hardware failures. No concerns about backups that don’t work. All synced up in real time so you always know where your business stands.

We’ll work with you and your staff to understand how your business works and will set up a customized solution that works for you. No more tedious entry of receipts. We’ll set up systems to automate bookkeeping to streamline operations. You will always know and understand what your numbers mean in your business.

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